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I’m so excited to be once again writing about our growing adventures. After leaving our old garden behind and taking a long hiatus to Switzerland for a couple of months last year, we are now back and well underway with the patch at our new homestead.

After a long search and many open homes, we’ve been fortunate to find our gem. Located in the bayside area of Brisbane, not far from where I grew up as a child, a perfect place to also raise our own daughter. To top it off it comes complete with a north facing garden which means sunshine all day long!

Eager to start building and planting out the patch, there were a few obstacles blocking our way, four very large well established palm trees. Not only shading out our direct sunlight to our designated area for growing, they were constantly dropping hundreds of little palm nuts and enormous leafy fronds that could have wiped out a small village. With Zoé spending her days playing in the backyard, she was a running target.

With the palm problem now taken care we are well into our growing endeavours, this week marks the first real harvest of crunchy fresh assorted lettuces.

I’ll be writing and sharing more photographs on the steps which have gotten us this far, can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks.

Zoé – The running target

Moving into the new home and impatient on starting the patch, I built a small ‘Mediterranean’ inspired herb garden in the front yard. This part of the property is quite dry and receives a healthy dose of sunshine everyday. Perfect for the Basil, Sage, Oregano, Thyme and Chervil we planted out.

Try this out at home – Beside our dedicated BBQ area we have potted out a variety of fresh herbs and chilli, the perfect barbie companions.




Cheap offcut pine, an old window and some hinges, here it is our DIY cold frame to help nurture our little seedlings.

Making way for the sunshine.




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New beginnings

March 9, 2015
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