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Video: Céline & Zoé out in the patch last Autumn 2015.

I realised the other day it has been almost twelve months since I last posted on TVPD any updates. This lapse in posting doesn’t mean we haven’t been any less busy attending to the patch, we’ve actually been documenting more than ever the milestones and joys that come with it from our suburban backyard.

In twelve months a lot goes on in the patch, we’d have a glut of tomatoes at the same time the silverbeet was destroyed by leaf spot, then Zoé decided that all the strawberries green and the size of a 5 cent piece were ready for harvesting, never a dull moment or challenge to overcome here.

Looking back over a years worth of imagery, we’ve accumulated quite a gallery of photographs, so I thought the best way to sort through and share this would be breaking it down into the last four seasons, so here we go starting with Autumn 2015.

I’ll be back in a few days with Part 2!

Ps. I’m experimenting with a new way of displaying our images, you can click any photograph for a bigger version and then use the arrows on the screen or on your keyboard to easily navigate the gallery. Remember any feedback is always welcomed so feel free to private message me or use the public commenting form below 🙂 Matt, Céline & Zoé.


4 years ago · Reply

magnifique tes photo et ta facon de présente.bravo
merci de partage avec nous.
Barbara & Roger

4 years ago · Reply

Merci beaucoup Barbara, on se réjouis à voir en Novembre!


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