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Zoé has a love affair with the Barbapapas. Until I moved to Switzerland back in 2005 I had no idea they even existed. The Barbapapas which literally translates into ‘daddy’s beard’ is a collection of French children’s books from the 1970’s which has also been made into a series of short cartoons. They are a family of coloured blobs which have the amazing ability of shapeshifting. To really sum it up they are awesome, I can see why Zoé is in love.

Armed with a variety of coloured paints one blazing summer’s day we took to our stoned garden edge to bring these guys right into Zoé’s world. The end result well you’ll see below, but it is so beautiful to watch Zoé head out into the garden every day to say good morning, give them a little hug and hold a genuine conversation. Now we just have to add the other six characters to the family!


Les Barbapapas

March 19, 2015
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