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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Situated on the northern coast of NSW, Evans Head, a small quaint coastal community of friendly sea spirited people, one of the few towns left untouched along this vast stretch of coastline.

We had the privilege of taking a week away and sheltering down in a friends family beach shack. A week of no distractions, no phones, computers or televisions. Just a week of surfing, eating healthy, exercising and relaxing. A week which felt like a month to be honest.

With our present day, fast pace lifestyles, it is important we don’t forget to take time out, reflect and just take a look around, for what is here today wont necessarily be tomorrow. This is my ode to Evans Head and the simple things in life.

Above a short film and below a selection of stills I shot which best summarizes our time passed at Evans… Enjoy!

Evans Head

April 18, 2011
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